Sunday, May 20, 2007

Robert Morrison - Missionary to China

I have been fasinated with John Pipers account of Robert Morrison, the first Protestant missionary to China. Two hundred years ago, on May 12, 1807, he left his home in obedience to Gods call on his life. I hope you will inspired and challenged as I have been.

Robert Morrison was born in 1782 in Scottland and brought up in the Scottish Presbyterian Church. Being saved at age 16 he began to dream of being a missionary. His mother made him promise not to be a missioary while she was alive. She died in 1804 and he applied to the London Missionary Society. In 1807 he was appointed to China where he served faithfully for 27 years with only one furlough home.

Seven years after his arrival in China he baptized his first Chinese believer and prophetically wrote in his personal journal this prayer, "May he be the first fruit of a great harvest, one of millions who shall come and be saved for the day of wrath to come."

Piper writes "Give thanks to God for the triumphs of His grace in the lives of ordinary men and women who, by His grace have done amazing things for the glory of Christ. Pause now and be willing to say yes to the stirrings of God in your heart to be a missionary. If He calls, do not stoop to be the CEO of Microsoft or the President of the United States."

How true!

When Robert Morrison was once asked if he expected to have spiritual impact in China he answered, "No sir, but I expect that God will."

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I love that last quote!!